Tag: Ubuntu

  • Basic Linux commands

    To list all the users in system. To list all the groups in system. To add new user. To add a user to sudo group. To delete user. To delete user and his home directory

  • How to setup own VPN server

    Today we are going to see how to setup our own VPN server. Here is a step by step guide to install and setup VPN server. Prerequisites:We need a VPS with any Linux distribution setup and running with basic initial configuration. In this tutorial we are using Ubuntu 20.04 server, so the steps shown below […]

  • How to setup a Firewall with UFW on Ubuntu 20.04

    UFW – Uncomplicated Firewall provides a user friendly way to create an IPv4 or IPv6 host-based firewall which helps a regular user to deny all incoming connections without much configuration. UFW comes with Ubuntu by default. In case it is not installed or removed for some reason, run the following command to install it: UFW […]

  • How to install ZNC on Ubuntu 20.04

    ZNC allows you to stay connected to IRC network. Multiple clients can be connected to single ZNC account different locations simultaneously and therefore appear under the same nickname on IRC server. Let’s get our system set up with prerequisite. First, update system. ZNC can be installed from Ubuntu repo. Let’s install it. sudo apt install […]